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Dan Pulatani

Dan Pulatani

Vice President

Even at a young age, Dan stands out as a beacon of accomplishment and capability in the world of construction and real estate. His dynamic portfolio boasts an array of projects, from the intricacies of single-family homes to the expansive nature of hotels and multi-family residential apartment buildings. Each venture undertaken by Dan is a testament to his prowess, vision, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural brilliance.

But Dan's achievements aren't limited to the physical realm of buildings and bricks.

Academically, he is currently at the crossroads of two globally renowned institutions: pursuing a dual MBA degree from Columbia Business School and London Business School. This rigorous academic path underscores his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his commitment to honing his business acumen at the world's top echelons.

Dan is not just an asset; he's a promise of innovation and a forward-thinking approach. His unparalleled expertise and determination infuse our leadership team with fresh insights and strategic direction. As he continues to pave new roads in the industry, we are proud to have him illuminate our path and champion our shared vision for the future.

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