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Mel Pulatani

Mel Pulatani


Introducing the heart and soul of our organization, Mel. With a distinguished career that stretches over a quarter of a century, Mel embodies the spirit of excellence and dedication. His journey of over 25 years in the industry is a testament to his deep-rooted expertise and profound understanding of the construction domain.

Mel isn’t just a leader; he is a visionary. His innate ability to see potential, coupled with an unwavering commitment to success, ensures that every client's dream seamlessly transitions from mere concept to concrete reality. Guided by his sharp insights and grounded approach, our clients always find themselves in the safest of hands.

The growth trajectory and continued prosperity of our firm can be traced back to Mel's dynamic leadership. His forward-thinking approach and the ambition to always reach new heights have positioned our company at the forefront of the industry.

In Mel, we don’t just have a founder or a president; we have a stalwart whose visionary leadership continually propels us towards unparalleled accomplishments.

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